7 Microsoft Teams Security best practices for users

The infographic to share with your employees to improve data protection in Microsoft Teams


Employee awareness of security issues is essential to collaborate in Microsoft 365 and improve data security.


Microsoft Teams Discover 7 best practices to share with your employees to improve risk awareness and knowledge of the Microsoft Teams tool.



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IDECSI helped us reduce usage problems and potential security flaws in the M365 tenant. Such a volume required a large-scale solution to review permissions and raise user awareness of data governance.
Antoine Ancel, Director of Operational Cybersecurity
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Carrying out sharing reviews on O365, analysing all the hardware and tackling a remediation plan – all this is made possible by user involvement and the IDECSI platform. It’s easy too!
Frederic Petrus, IS Risk and Compliance Manager
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The combination of IDECSI’s expert security tool and the increased user’s role thanks to MyDataSecurity provides upgraded and optimized security in O365.
Marc Tournier, CISO
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User engagement platform

Employees and managers can work together with CISOs to build a solid and participatory security system.
IDECSI increases the power of the company as a whole to improve efficiency and ROI when dealing with cybersecurity issues:

  Faced with a new requirement, a new technological response
  MyDataSecurity : A dashboard for users for a strong and collective protection that is highly cost-effective
  From control and constraint to the commitment of all