Identify and eliminate potential risks on Microsoft 365


Quickly audit your Microsoft 365 environnement to secure data access.


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Prepare your data for Microsoft 365 Copilot 

With the daily creation of over 2 billion data in Microsoft 365 and the integration of AI Copilot, the importance of proper data access control is crucial. You need to have visibilty on all the permissions across all collaborative workspaces to ensure that the right users or groups have the right access to the right content.

Who is managing highly sensitive data, sharing content with external?
Do all users or groups have appropriate access to specific content.
What are the essential indicators and use cases for securing data access?

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Discover DETOX for Microsoft 365


Quickly audit your Microsoft 365 environnement to secure data access for Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange.


DETOX for M365 is an all-in-one system for targeting data with misconfigured sharing link, permissive sharing and potentially leaky access, and eliminating them with ease!


    🚀 A 2-step action :

1. M365 Check-up

Get a complete audit of all your Microsoft 365 resources, users and permissions levels to identity leaky sharings and potential risks.


Some points of attention:

  • Anonymous link, company link
  • External sharing report
  • Extended and inappropriate sharing of sensitive data (MIP classified)
  • SharePoint and public Teams
  • Outlook - high permission, forward rules, automatic deletion, administrator rights

Centralized inventory and complete visibility

  • Detailled reports of all users, workspaces, sharing, and resources across Microsoft 365, Teams, Sharepoint, OneDrive
  • Microsoft 365 Groups, external users, Azure AD applications
  • Filter by Department / Group / Country / Population (VIP....)
Screenshot Checkup DETOX M365

2. Correction and permission review

Engage users, data owners in sharing link and access management:
  • Revoke access to sensitive files
  • Delete guests in one click
  • Delete anaonymous or company link
  • Adjust permissions in bulk
  • Apply custom permissions
Using the user-frienfly MyDataSecurity interface, users can view and apply correction in just a few clicks.
Animation showing MyDataSecurity app


Reduce data exposure and measure the safety gains thanks to the DETOX action via a comprehensive report, including: 
- Number of concerned users, users actions
- Status of remediation actions
- Number of dangerous shares deleted...
Screenshot showing results on M365 sharing links

DETOX for M365
is a two-times-a-year system for maximum efficiency:

1st campaign:

Audit, remediation and initial results

2nd campaign (after 6 months):

Identification of changes since the previous campaign and assessment of progress

Why DETOX for your M365?



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The IDECSI platform and DETOX teams take care of everything: from auditing to the reporting.



The DETOX purpose is to reduce data exposure lead by M365 misconfigured sharing links and settings.



Measure the benefit of DETOX on your M365 tenant with KPIs.

MyDataSecurity by IDECSI

A centralized interface, easy-to-use, to help data owners quickly manage access and sharing links over all teir collaborative workspaces.


Empower users to improve data security, protection and governance with MyDataSecurity.

Stay in control of your shared data with DETOX for M365

Quickly identify and eliminate misconfigured sharing links on Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive.


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Need a DETOX on your M365 tenant?

  • Flash audit
  • End-user interface
  • No infrastructure or maintenance costs
  • Quick deployment
  • Pre-configured report (Power BI)


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